4 signings the Dallas Mavericks will regret come January

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1. Markieff Morris

The Dallas Mavericks re-signing Markieff Morris was a move that was a bit confusing for most fans, as his impact was limited after he was shipped to Dallas last season.

Morris was included in the Kyrie Irving trade back in February, and he only played eight games as a Maverick last season. In those eight games, Morris averaged 4.5 points, 1.5 rebounds, and 0.8 assists per game. Morris was battling injury during his time in Dallas, so take that as you will.

This season, Morris hasn't played in any of Dallas' three games, and it doesn't look like he will have much of a role going forward. Dallas has many other wings that they would play before him, but he could be needed in spurts down the line if one of the rotation players were injured.

Morris is a good locker room presence and veteran leader, but there were plenty of players on the open market that Dallas could have signed instead that would have played rather than be the last man on the bench.

Kelly Oubre Jr. was someone that Dallas was reportedly interested in, and he has been playing great for the Philadelphia 76ers. Oubre Jr. is averaging 19.0 points per game for Philly, and could have been a vaulable scorer to come off the bench.

Dallas doesn't need any more scorers, but the point is that the open market had plenty of better options than Morris.

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