4 signings the Dallas Mavericks will regret come January

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3. Derrick Jones Jr.

Derrick Jones Jr. is coming off his best game of the season on Monday night as he finished with 22 points and four rebounds while shooting 66.7 percent from downtown, drilling four threes.

After Jones Jr.'s first two games, it looked as if he could struggle to make much of an impact this season. His defense hadn't been as great as expected, and he wasn't making an impact offensively.

Jones Jr.'s game on Monday showcased how great he can be when he is playing at his best, but that type of night can't be expected of him regularly. That was the third-highest-scoring game of his career, and if he wants to stay a valuable rotation piece, he must continue to hit open shots.

A way that Dallas would regret this signing is if Jones Jr. doesn't continue to shoot at a high clip or if his defense regresses. It doesn't seem like Jones Jr.'s defense will regress, as he looked stout in the win over Memphis, but if he falls out of the rotation, Dallas will regret this signing.

There are always slightly better moves that teams can make in free agency, and every player on the roster is important, even the ones on minimum contracts.

It seems like Jones Jr. could be a key piece for Dallas this season as he has started in all three games so far, and time will tell if this is a move that Dallas is satisfied with.