3 reasons why the Dallas Mavericks shouldn't sign Draymond Green

Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green
Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Sometimes Draymond Green brings more bad than good

We all know that Draymond Green is a ticking time bomb. He barks at the refs, yells at other players, trash talks, and nags things on when they shouldn't be nagged on. He does everything that makes a ref want to throw a player out, and he has been thrown out of games many times.

Green's 17 ejections are the second-most in NBA history, only behind Rasheed Wallace. Wallace was known for being thrown out because he had an "I don't care attitude." But do you think his teammates liked it when he was thrown out? No.

Green has lost his team games because of his attitude and temper. He has 164 technical fouls in his career, which is far too many.

We know how Luka Doncic is with the refs, as he has a short temper. While it isn't as bad, his temper occasionally gets him in trouble. Why would you want two guys like that as your two best players?

You can remember some of the NBA Finals Green has been in where he cost the Golden State Warriors a game. In 2016 when the Cleveland Cavaliers won the championship, Green got a technical foul and was suspended for a game. The Cavs won the game he had to miss.

The Dallas Mavericks would have to deal with all of that on top of the other potential concerns.