3 reasons why the Dallas Mavericks shouldn't sign Draymond Green

Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green
Dallas Mavericks, Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green / Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
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1. The Mavericks don't need another dominant playmaker next to Luka Doncic

The fit isn't there with the Dallas Mavericks and Draymond Green. Sure, it would be cool to see a guy with championship experience, four rings to be exact, join a team as young and inexperienced as the Mavericks and help Luka Doncic get his first ring. That would be amazing, but it's not ideal.

The Mavericks have a lot of needs going into 2023, and another dominant playmaker in the starting rotation isn't at the top of the list. When I say dominant playmaker, that is all Green is good for on the offensive side. He can't shoot well, isn't great at attacking the rim, and mainly sets his teammates up and sets screens. The Mavericks aren't necessarily in the market for that.

Imagine taking the ball out of Doncic's hands more. Why would you do that? With Irving, it's different because he isn't a primary playmaker but more of a guy that can play off the ball and get his own shot when the offense isn't flowing. Green isn't any of that, and you don't want Doncic in that role.

I'm sure Jason Kidd would find a way to make those types of things work until they don't. They needed help getting things to work with Doncic and Irving, so fitting a guy like Green into the mix would be even more challenging.