3 shocking events that could happen to the Mavericks over the next year

Charlotte Hornets v Dallas Mavericks
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1. Kyrie Irving Asks for a Trade

The Dallas Mavericks took a gamble this offseason by re-signing Kyrie Irving to a three-year deal. The move is a low-risk high-reward move for Dallas, as the team needed a second star to pair alongside Luka Doncic.

Irving is a 2016 NBA Champion who has played in eight All-Star games and has been selected to two All-NBA Third Teams.

So what could go wrong?

In 2017, Irving was coming off two back-to-back NBA Finals appearances. However, after the 2017 campaign, he requested to be traded. He reasoned that he wanted to be the focal point of a team.

He was then traded to Boston, where he played for two seasons. Before becoming a free agent, Irving expressed his intention to re-sign with the Celtics.

Irving's proclamation fell through as he signed with the Brooklyn Nets. The Mavs guard formed a trio with Kevin Durant and James Harden. His tenure in Brooklyn lasted three and a half seasons before he requested another trade.

Broken promises and requested trades are a pattern for Irving.

While there is no indication he wants out of Dallas, things could change. If the Mavs continue to miss the playoffs, nothing says that Irving couldn't try to find a way out.

It wouldn't be surprising if Irving only lasts one or two more seasons in Dallas, especially since he has a player option after the second season.

We'll have you covered with all the latest on the Dallas Mavericks this season, so stay tuned.