Why the Dallas Mavericks cannot trade Dorian Finney-Smith for Malik Beasley

Dallas Mavericks, Dorian Finney-Smith
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The Dallas Mavericks are rumored to be willing to part with Dorian Finney-Smith in the right deal. The Athletic's Shams Charania reported (subscription required) Dallas would be willing if they could get a star player in return, and he also noted the Utah Jazz were interested in acquiring the 6'7 forward. Doe-Doe is in the first season of a four-year $55.5 million contract, and the Mavs cannot afford to part with him without significantly improving their roster.

Andy Larsen of The Salt Lake Tribune reported the Mavericks and Jazz have discussed a Malik Beasley for Finney-Smith swap, but Dallas is asking for additional compensation. The scribe noted that the talks were “perhaps furthest along” on Beasley.

There is zero chance the Mavs swap Finney-Smith for Beasley. The deal does not make sense for the Mavericks at all, and here is a closer look at why.

Why the Dallas Mavericks cannot trade Dorian Finney-Smith for Malik Beasley

Beasley is making $15.4 million this season, and he has a team option for $16.5 million next year. The 26-year-old is a better scorer than Finney-Smith, but Doe-Doe is a significantly better defender. Dallas has Christian Wood and Tim Hardaway Jr. on their roster. They do not need another below-average defender that can score without being a playmaker. If anything, the Mavs need to improve their defense to make a deep playoff run.

Swapping Finney-Smith for Beasley makes the Mavericks worse in the short term and does not improve them long term. It also takes one of the Mavs' best assets off the table for a player that might be worth a protected first-round pick. Jazz CEO Danny Ainge is known as a tough negotiator, and the Mavs must be willing to walk away if the final offer is just Finney-Smith for Beasley and a second round pick.

Dallas can only trade Dorian Finney-Smith if they are getting a star player in return. If the Jazz want Doe-Doe, Lauri Markkanen has to be the player coming back to Dallas. No other deal makes sense for the Mavericks.

Beasley is a fine player that averaged 19.6 points per game as a starter in the 2020-2021 season. He is above average 3-point shooter and provides value as a bench scorer, but Finney-Smith is locked in as a starter and the Mavericks' best perimeter defender. The swap just does not make sense for Dallas. 

The Dallas Mavericks trade rumors will be coming fast and furious as the Dec. 9 trade deadline approaches, so stay tuned for all the latest.

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