4 Rotation changes Jason Kidd must consider for Mavericks to win Finals

Dallas Mavericks, Jason Kidd
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2. Bench Dante Exum completely

The Dallas Mavericks struck gold last offseason when they signed Dante Exum to a two-year deal. This was a move that surprised some Mavs fans, and seemed questionable at first considering that there wasn't any other rumored interest in Exum, but he quickly proved why he he was perfect for the Mavs.

Exum's improvement as a shooter cemented his spot in the rotation, and his ability to be a third ball handler outside of Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving was outstanding. He then started struggling towards the end of the season, and his struggles continued into the playoffs.

Exum has been unplayable in the postseason, and although Exum isn't playing much, he is still getting minutes at times. He shows zero confidence when he's in the game, and it may be time for Jason Kidd to completely scratch him completely from the rotation.

He isn't bringing any value in his minutes, and just like Tim Hardaway Jr., some players should be playing in front of him. An unconfident Exum is not making any type of impact offensively, and on defense, he does well occasionally, but it doesn't make enough of a case for him to be playing in the regular rotation.

Exum already isn't playing much to begin with, but if he isn't making an offensive impact, it's not worth Kidd playing him.