4 roster holes the Dallas Mavericks face heading into training camp

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NBA back is officially (almost) back.

The Dallas Mavericks begin training camp on September 27, a few days before anyone else in the NBA (other than the Minnesota Timberwolves). Training camp is a great time to see who put in the extra work this summer while also seeing the rookies in action.

Mavs fans will know plenty about the team after training camp and should be excited to see the new-look roster. Although the new roster looks much better than last year's, there are still a few holes.

Here's a look at four of Dallas' roster holes heading into training camp.

4. Starting center

This is a common issue for the Mavs over the years, and despite being in trade rumors for centers like Deandre Ayton and Clint Capela this summer, Dallas never got a deal done. It was reported that their priority deep into the offseason was still trading for a starting center, with a likely avenue being the third team in a Capela trade, but no such move materialized.

The Mavs are now going into training camp next week with three true centers on their roster.

Dwight Powell, Dereck Lively II, and Richaun Holmes.

All three of these bigs should be solid contributors, but none are starting-caliber bigs in the NBA. Lively II is unproven, and he could develop into Dallas' starting big by the end of the season, but it doesn't seem like Dallas will go with the rookie unless something changes.

All signs are pointing to Powell leading the charge heading into training camp, but the starting spot could be up for grabs. Holmes is also someone who could steal the starting spot, but considering that he was in trade rumors the same night that Dallas traded for him, he likely isn't the favorite to start.

Dallas needs someone who can protect the rim, catch lobs, switch on defense, and set good screens. Lively II seems like the best at doing those things of the three centers they have, but they may ease him into things rather than throwing him into the fire right away.