How the Dallas Mavericks potentially revolutionized their defense with two moves

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The Dallas Mavericks had a busy Wednesday after a relatively slow first few days of free agency.

They started free agency off with re-signing Kyrie Irving and signing Seth Curry. Later, they re-signed Dwight Powell and signed Dante Exum. Other than that, Dallas hadn't made any other moves until Wednesday.

The first news that broke today was that Matisse Thybulle will be signing an offer sheet with the Mavs. Shams Charania of The Athletic reported that the offer sheet will be around a three-year, $33 million contract. The Trailblazers will have the chance to match, but if they don't, he'll be on the Mavs.

How the Dallas Mavericks potentially revolutionized their defense with two moves

Dallas then made another move on Wednesday night as they acquired Grant Williams through a sign-and-trade. Williams' contract is for four years and $53 million. In exchange for Williams, Dallas sent Reggie Bullock to the Spurs along with a pick swap in 2030. This was a steal for Dallas as they made a significant upgrade from Bullock as Williams is younger and an all-around better player.

The biggest difference that the Mavericks will have with Williams and Thybulle is improved defense. Williams will likely start at power forward and take on any frontcourt matchup asked of him. He can effectively guard three through five and can switch on to guards when needed. Williams is a fierce competitor and steps in as one of Dallas' best defenders immediately.

If the Blazers don't match Dallas' offer sheet, the Mavs will have one of the best perimeter defenders in the NBA in Thybulle. He is more of a guard defender than Williams is and can guard one through three while being able to guard some fours due to his long wingspan. Thybulle has been on an All-Defensive Team twice in his career, and the Mavericks haven't had a perimeter defender as good as Thybulle in a long time.

With both Williams and Thybulle in the starting lineup, the Mavericks would have two great defenders on the floor together. They could put Thybulle on the best guard while Williams takes the best forward. This is a luxury that the Mavericks haven't had in a while and will hopefully help them return to being an elite defensive team like they were in the 2022 NBA Playoffs.

Now everyone just has to wait and see if Portland matches Dallas' offer. If they don't, Mavs fans have plenty to be excited about on the defensive end of the floor. Dallas is making an effort to get younger and stronger defensively, and they could look like a totally different team on opening night.

Adding two defensive-minded players on draft night in Dereck Lively II and Olivier-Maxence Prosper was huge, and adding Williams and Thybulle alongside those two would be a great group of young defenders.

We'll have you covered once the Blazers make their decision on matching Thybulle's contract, so stay tuned.