10 Retired Dallas Mavericks who would fit perfectly on today's team

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6. Rolando Blackman 

The Dallas Mavericks may have two stars, but it appears that hasn't been enough to lift the squad out of the mediocrity hole. Perhaps some of their other players have found it tough to overcome the jitters that come along with trying to transform a team into a championship contender.

If the Mavs need an infusion of players who have a sheer amount of coolheadedness and the ability to make big-time plays, they should look for someone like Rolando Blackman, who is famous for his "Confidence, baby, confidence!" 

That took place in the 1987 All-Star Game with the Western Conference All-Stars down two with no time left on the clock and Blackman set to shoot two free throws. He ended up making both to help his side triumph in overtime.

The four-time All-Star displayed that same confidence in his 11-year stay in Dallas, leading the team to five straight postseason appearances and a trip to the conference finals in 1988, where it was one win short of advancing to the next round.

Until Dirk Nowitzki took the crown, Blackman used to be the Mavs' franchise leader in points - not bad for the No. 9 pick of the 1981 draft. But he was more than just a bucket-getter. The retired shooting guard was a three-time Big Eight Defensive Player of the Year. Under the right circumstances, he would have had the potential to be an elite two-way player in the professional ranks.