4 reasons why the Dallas Mavericks had an A+ offseason

2023 NBA Summer League - Dallas Mavericks v Oklahoma City Thunder
2023 NBA Summer League - Dallas Mavericks v Oklahoma City Thunder / Candice Ward/GettyImages
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These four reasons that I mentioned above are reasons why the Mavericks deserve an A+ for their offseason grade this summer. The fact that they were able to dump some of their bad contracts and turn them into pieces that could contribute soon shows Mark Cuban and Nico Harrison want to win a championship right now.

Getting Kyrie Irving to re-sign this offseason was a huge sigh of relief. His ability to push the ball in transition and attract defenders will help Luka Doncic more open looks and vice versa. The fact that the Mavericks got him for cheaper than what they expected just shows that Irving is buying into the culture they are trying to have here.

I hope all of these moves that they made will lead to a great basketball season here in the city of Dallas. Fans really want to see this team return to the playoffs this season. There have been some reporters who believe the Mavericks deserve a B+ for their offseason grade. However, I think they at least deserve an A+ for all the moves that they made.

The Mavericks are in a better position to compete in a crowded Western Conference this season, and fans should be excited for what is to come.

We'll have you covered with all the news and rumors about the Dallas Mavericks heading into next season, so stay tuned.