2 reasons the Mavericks should trade for Buddy Hield, 2 reasons they shouldn't

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Reasons they should: 1. Hield may not be the only player coming back to Dallas in the deal

While it would definitely include some incentivizing on Dallas’ side, expanding the trade to include Indiana’s Myles Turner in a package for Buddy Hield would be a dream come true for the Mavericks.

The Mavericks would have a top 10 center in the NBA, who perfectly curates to the modern-day play-style of big men in today’s league as well. Turner, a Dallas native, can stretch the floor excellently for a center as he’s shot over 35 percent from distance in his career.

He’s also routinely one of the best defensive centers in the NBA, as his ability to serve as a rim protector and serviceable defender in space is second to none. Dallas would most certainly have to expand what they were giving up in the deal as well, as young players and draft pick compensation may have to be sacrificed to make this scenario work out.

If it worked out without being too sacrificial to Dallas’ depth though, then the Dallas Mavericks would land themselves a fringe All-Star who could mend nearly all the woes of lackluster big-men play over the last number of years. Getting in on Myles Turner by virtue of Buddy Hield being available would be the idealistic scenario for Dallas, and Turner would be a great mentor to rookie center Dereck Lively II as well.

If the opportunity to do this is there for Dallas, they can’t punt on Turner as they have before, as he’s always talked about when it comes to Mavericks potential trade targets, yet has stayed in Indiana. This could be a rare opportunity for the Mavericks to add two pieces to their roster that could thrust them into championship contention, so they should definitely have the phones working with Indiana as we approach training camp.

We'll have you covered with all the latest news and rumors surrounding the Dallas Mavericks and their interest in Buddy Hield for the rest of the offseason and ahead of training camp, so stay tuned.