2 reasons the Mavericks should trade for Buddy Hield, 2 reasons they shouldn't

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Reasons they should: 2. Buddy Hield is a pillar of consistency, and an upgrade over Tim Hardaway Jr.

Buddy Hied is a career 40.2 percent three point shooter and won the NBA Three-Point Contest in 2020.

His ability to get his feet set in any situation whether he's running off a stagger full-speed, coming off a pin-down, or just shooting a three when a defender goes under on a screen, is truly invaluable in today’s NBA.

Hield is a one-of-one type of shooter, and there are maybe less than a handful of guys in the NBA who can say they shoot better than him. Because of Hield’s ability to shoot off the catch, it could very well warrant him starting in Dallas. Tim Hardaway Jr. is obviously an elite shooter whose shooting numbers drastically increased when he started playing with Luka Doncic, but he’s not as good of a shooter as Hield.

Buddy Hield in this Mavericks offense with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving would have an abundance of space comparable to what he is used to and there’s an argument to be made that playing with Doncic and Irving would amplify his looks and opportunities to a whole other level.

Hield is also extremely dependable, as he’s only missed six games in his entire career amidst COVID-19 and all the other factors that limit games played for players in this day and age. He’s a true pillar of consistency and would thrive on offense in this Mavericks system whether it’s off the bench, or starting alongside Luka and Kyrie.

If the Mavericks are able to solve their rim protection issues then they may be positioned to be contenders by upgrading to Hield over Hardaway Jr., especially given that Hield has proven to be a better stop-gap solution for instant offense when things stall out more so than Hardaway Jr. has in his career.