5 Reasons the Dallas Mavericks shouldn't trade Tim Hardaway Jr.

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2. Chemistry and cohesion

Tim Hardaway Jr. stands as one of the longest-tenured players on the roster, and he has always fit nicely next to Luka Doncic regardless of coach or scheme.

The importance of having good team chemistry and a nicely cohesive unit on the floor speaks for itself. Hardaway Jr. has been on the Mavericks for this long because his play style goes hand in hand with Doncic.

Hardaway Jr. spaces the floor for the stars and ball handlers of the team, Doncic and Irving. Along with being a floor spacer, you need to have a strong shot-making ability, and lastly, those stars need to trust you in big moments.

As the season progresses particularly in the postseason, chemistry and cohesion become paramount. It's been a few years, but Hardaway Jr. has consistently displayed what coaches and fans desire in a rotation player. He is always in motion, continually seeking opportunities to get a shot up.

The symbiotic relationship between Hardaway Jr. and the team's stars, Doncic and Kyrie Irving, extends beyond mere statistical contributions. It's a testament to the trust that has developed over the years, a trust that becomes increasingly vital as the season progresses, especially in the high-stakes environment of the postseason.