5 Reasons the Dallas Mavericks shouldn't trade Tim Hardaway Jr.

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3. Veteran experience

We are all aware of the young and inexperienced group that is on this Mavericks team. One under-appreciated trait that every championship contender needs is veteran experience

The Mavericks have a sparse amount of veterans in comparison to their young guys, so players like Tim Hardaway Jr. who have been around a few teams and had a few different roles can contribute to the knowledge of the young guys.

In today's NBA, there are two types of veteran experience. One category comprises veterans who lead by example on the court, demonstrating how to navigate the game through their play. The other consists of veterans who, while not actively playing, contribute to their knowledge by explaining and dissecting the ins and outs of the game on the bench, almost serving as an additional coaching presence.

Tim Hardaway Jr., in the prime of his career, has found his solidified role as a 3-and-D guy which means competence from three and on the defensive side. With a lot of young guys still figuring out their way and role in this league, Hardaway Jr. would be a good vet for Mavericks young guys to watch.

Looking around the league, guys aren't always bought in and on this Mavericks team, we can see how that makes a difference. We will continue to see the display of Hardaway Jr.'s leadership on and off the court throughout this season.