5 Reasons the Dallas Mavericks shouldn't trade Tim Hardaway Jr.

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Before the season kicked off, both fans and media had Tim Hardaway Jr. on the trade block. However, he has swiftly showcased his value to a contending team, making a significant impact early on. Hardaway Jr. is playing some of the best basketball of his career, and has been crucial for Dallas'

The Dallas Mavericks are on fire during the first month of the regular season, and the bench's contribution plays a big part in this early success

5 Reasons the Dallas Mavericks shouldn't trade Tim Hardaway Jr.

Diving deeper into the production of the Mavericks' bench, we can easily see the impact of Tim Hardaway Jr. on the floor and in the box score.

5. Consistent Shooting

One thing we know about Timmy is his unwavering ability to shoot the ball, coupled with the confidence to do so. This is Hardaway Jr.'s most sought-after trait and what makes him valuable to a team.

Through 10 games he's averaging 17.6 points, and 4.3 rebounds while shooting nearly 40% from three (stats of November 14). Hardaway Jr. has always been known as a microwave scorer and over the years he has successfully transitioned his game to become more of a spot-up shooter.

Through his performance, Hardaway Jr. has made it clear he intends to be in the running for the Sixth Man of the Year award and just might be the early frontrunner for it. As the season unfolds, his consistency and impact off the bench will continue to bolster this Mavericks team and his chances for the prestigious award.

There will be games where Hardaway Jr. shoots 20% from three or 60%, but I think he's shown us his ability to be a reliable option on offense and as a spot-up shooter. His streakiness looks like it will always remain, but his ability to get hot remains invaluable for Dallas.

It seems like Dallas typically wins when Hardaway Jr. shoots well, so hopefully he can keep this hot start to the season up over the next few months.