3 Reasons the Mavericks shouldn't trade Jaden Hardy

As the Dallas Mavericks look to improve their roster, one guy they should absolutely look to keep is Jaden Hardy.
Dallas Mavericks, Jaden Hardy, NBA Trade Rumors
Dallas Mavericks, Jaden Hardy, NBA Trade Rumors / Tim Heitman/GettyImages
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2. Need for bench offense

Another reason why the Mavericks should keep Hardy instead of trading him is so he can run the second-team offense.

In the game of basketball, players are inevitably going to need rest. The starters aren't going to be able to play all 48 minutes. The Mavericks need someone they can trust coming into games and directing the offense. That is where Hardy comes into play.

His experience running the offense with the Texas Legends should help him in this regard, as he picked up valuable experience as one of the focal points of their offense.

I know the Mavericks traded for Seth Curry and Kidd might like that option more than Hardy to run the second-team offense, but the youngster's playmaking abilities make him a better choice for the backup point guard spot.

The Mavericks need someone with some speed to get down the floor and score before the opposing team has time to set up their offense. Hardy has that speed in his arsenal and he has the ability to get the ball up court quicker than Curry does.

Curry will have a huge role in the second-team offense this upcoming season, but Hardy will be the one guiding the team on the court.