3 reasons why the Dallas Mavericks should trade Josh Green

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1. Dallas cannot afford another Jalen Brunson scenario

A scenario that will forever haunt Mavericks fans was Jalen Brunson signing with the New York Knicks, this wasn't even the first time this happened in Dallas history as two-time MVP Steve Nash would take his talents to the Phoenix Suns in the summer of 2004.

It would be all too familiar to say that a player that the Dallas Mavericks drafted is now up for a contract extension. Yes, the Mavericks are once again in a similar spot as they were just last offseason, but this time it's with Josh Green.

If the Mavericks want to avoid last season's undoing, then it might be wise to get value for a player who will just leave in free agency.

Josh Green has voiced that he would like to stay in Dallas long-term and carve out a respectable career here, but the big question is, how do the Mavericks feel about Green?

Getting value for Green could be the ideal option if the Mavericks are still shopping around for that coveted starting center. Trading Green now would avoid the dreaded Jalen Brunson scenario and create a path for someone like Derrick Jones Jr. or Olivier Maxence-Prosper the reigns to a starting role.

The Dallas Mavericks have a lot of options when it comes to Josh Green. In a critical offseason, the team has done absolute wonders to retool and pair Luka Doncic with great role players, but it could come down to Josh Green.

We'll have you covered with all the latest news and rumors surrounding the Dallas Mavericks this summer, so stay tuned.