3 reasons the Mavericks should trade Jaden Hardy

As the season inches closer, here are three reasons the Dallas Mavericks should trade Jaden Hardy.

Dallas Mavericks, NBA Trade Rumors, Jaden Hardy
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1. Capitalize on trade value

While he didn’t play a ton in his rookie season, Jaden Hardy still carved out a decent-sized role with the Dallas Mavericks. Hardy played nearly 15 minutes per game and looked good in his minutes.

As of now, Hardy is still 21 years old and oozes potential, as his quickness and scoring punch capabilities are evident every time he steps on the court. If placed in a new environment, he could grow into a star.

In all likelihood, Hardy’s trade value is as high as it will be in a Mavericks uniform. With the potential of him getting closed off in the rotation or even struggling because he’s stuck behind other ball-dominant players, he could regress a bit next year relative to expectations.

Trading him now would ensure that the Mavericks get the best possible return for Hardy and, in the process, add a win-now piece to improve their overall ceiling.

Plus, recent rumblings have indicated that some teams around the league have shown an interest in Hardy, meaning they could potentially snag a better player than the guys they’ve already been connected to.

By trading Hardy now, not only are the Mavericks allowing him to play in a better situation for his development, but they’d also get a solid return for a player who may not have more trade value next year.