3 reasons the Mavericks should trade Jaden Hardy

As the season inches closer, here are three reasons the Dallas Mavericks should trade Jaden Hardy.
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2. Unfair expectations

When the Dallas Mavericks traded into the second round of the 2022 NBA Draft to select Jaden Hardy, fans obviously got excited, as it was clear that the team believed in the youngster.

Hardy was a top prospect heading into his season with the G League Ignite but ended up falling down draft boards by the end of the year, clearing the way for Dallas to pick him.

And throughout the season, the guard showed off his skills, churning out some impressive performances. This solid play led to expectations, as is often the case with young players.

Mavericks fans are very excited about what Hardy could be, but unfortunately, it’s very unlikely that he reaches his full potential in Dallas. He’ll be playing behind Luka Doncic, Kyrie Irving, and probably Seth Curry, too.

For a youngster as ball-dominant as Hardy, playing behind two ball-dominant superstars and a catch-and-shoot specialist won’t breed the best results for his career.

With the expectations and hype he’s getting in Dallas (which is fair, considering his talent), Hardy could be set up to fall short, as he’s simply not going to get the touches he needs to develop fully.

Hardy would be better off on a team that can give him 20+ minutes per game and would allow him to play his game at all times.