5 Reasons the Dallas Mavericks should go all in next year

The Dallas Mavericks are in a precarious situation, and while no one is expecting a championship with the current roster, the clock is ticking for Dallas to cash in on their championship window.

Dallas Mavericks v Atlanta Hawks
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4. Trading for a center isn't impossible

The Dallas Mavericks had been in talks for the likes of Clint Capela or Deandre Ayton as recently as a couple of months ago, but with talks seemingly having stagnated on both of those fronts, they are about to head into the season without a definitive rim protector.

New addition Richaun Holmes will provide solid rebounding and be a serviceable roll-cut big for Dallas this upcoming season hopefully, but at only 6-foot-9, Holmes isn't the rim protector Dallas has been looking for.

The Mavs ranked 19th in the league last year in opponent's points in the paint per game and haven't done enough so far this offseason to curtail their rim protection issues despite marginal improvement at center.

As promising as 12th overall pick Dereck Lively II looks with his insane measurements and physical tools, he still likely lacks enough competence on both sides of the ball to step in as a Day 1 starter next season.

Dallas doesn't have a flurry of assets to pull from en route to addressing their need for a rim protector, but with certain players' values typically diminishing over the course of an NBA season much more than they usually do in the offseason, Dallas may be able to snag a starting center without giving up a first-round pick or one of their young assets in due time.

The Mavs will need to be careful not to overreact and make a bad trade with their limited assets, but they don't necessarily have to get an All-Star-level center to thrust them into contention. Guys on the level of Mitchell Robinson or Daniel Gafford, per se, could definitely be young assets that their respected teams may give up on who could work out in Dallas.

Even if that's the only move to be made for Dallas, they can't relinquish the opportunity to add a player who could improve them to contenders just off fit alone, especially with a limited championship window.