5 Reasons the Dallas Mavericks should go all in next year

The Dallas Mavericks are in a precarious situation, and while no one is expecting a championship with the current roster, the clock is ticking for Dallas to cash in on their championship window.
Dallas Mavericks v Atlanta Hawks
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1. Can't waste Luka Doncic's prime

Luka Doncic blossomed into an NBA superstar much earlier than the Dallas Mavericks anticipated. And despite being just 24 years old, the Mavericks would be remiss to not surround Doncic with adequate talent around the edges, even though he likely hasn't even reached his peak yet.

Sure, Dallas may have been caught off guard from a team-building perspective once Doncic took a drastic leap in Year 2, but his prime may potentially span the majority of his NBA career.

Because of this, one could argue that Dallas should expend all their resources every year to try and build a contending team around Doncic since players cut from his cloth tend to only come around once in a generation.

Mavericks fans are all too familiar with Mark Cuban's decisions to not pay Steve Nash and Jalen Brunson their asking price. One can only hope that the quality of rosters that Dirk Nowitzki had to carry to the playoffs year after year in the post-Nash/pre-2011 era will end up being much worse than the rosters Doncic will continue to spearhead in the post-Brunson era.

Kyrie Irving is obviously the elephant in the room, as Dirk never played with a player of that caliber. But even so, the Mavericks can't afford to rely too heavily on Irving for help when filling out the rest of their roster.

The Mavericks improved steadily this offseason on the wing and in the youth department, but it's still likely not enough to contend in a loaded Western Conference without a tried and true rim protector.

We'll see how good Dallas is once the season rolls around, but without a starting center heading into training camp, some fans would argue that Dallas is wasting yet another year of Doncic's prime, especially given how good of shape he got into this offseason.