4 reasons why Richaun Holmes is not a long-term option for Mavericks

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Richaun Holmes
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1. Someone else could come along in free agency

You never know what could happen when it comes to NBA free agency. Sometimes, players need a new change of scenery and might request to be traded or decide to sign with another team. A better and younger option at the center position could become available, and the Mavericks might move in that direction.

It's not taking a shot at Holmes because of his age, but if the Mavericks want to win a title, they are going to need a center that can play for long periods of time. I think in a couple of seasons, Holmes won't be able to do that, and they might be forced to trade him after locking up a younger option.

In conclusion, fans should be happy that the Mavericks got Holmes for a short-term option. He averaged over 14 points per game back in the 2020-21 season and could have just needed a change of scenery. Holmes can still provide valuable minutes as a veteran and can be a great mentor to Lively II. Mark Cuban even called the move to get him "the most underrated pickup of the summer."

Once Lively II is ready to be a full-time starting center, the Mavericks will more than likely move on from Holmes. But for a short-time rental, Holmes is the type of player that the Mavericks need if they want to make a championship run in such a short window.