4 reasons why Richaun Holmes is not a long-term option for Mavericks

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Richaun Holmes
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3. Holmes could be out of his prime soon

This isn't meant to be a knock on Holmes, but he is almost at the end of his prime.

The average career of an NBA center is 7-10 seasons. Right now, Holmes is entering his ninth season of his career. He probably only has a few more years of being a productive NBA center.

I'm glad that the Mavs were able to grab him in the Olivier-Maxence Prosper trade. He can be a very productive player while Lively II is developing. If somehow Holmes runs out of productivity while still playing for the Mavericks, they can trade him or possibly release him.

Richaun Holmes
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2. His eye injury

I hate to bring up someone's injury past, but this does need to be mentioned in this article.

Now I know this happened two seasons ago, but it might affect how aggressive Holmes is at the rim. Two seasons ago, Holmes had to have eye surgery to repair a laceration to his right eye. Now you are probably asking why that could be an issue when it's been resolved.

I'm concerned that if he gets severely poked in the eye, it could affect his vision, and possibly cause him to be out for the majority of the season. He did have to wear goggles when he returned to the court.

With the Mavericks possibly needing him to be the starting center, they can't afford him to get injured.