4 reasons why Richaun Holmes is not a long-term option for Mavericks

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The Dallas Mavericks have a very short window if they want to compete for an NBA Title with Luka Doncic.

They have three seasons before he becomes a free agent (if he opts out) and could leave the Mavericks if they haven't won a title by then. With that short window, Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban and General Manager Nico Harrison are looking for veterans who can help the Mavericks win that title.

During the NBA Draft this year, the Mavericks were able to pick up one of those veterans in a trade. When the Mavericks traded back into the first round to select Olivier-Maxence Prosper, they also picked up veteran center Richaun Holmes.

One of the reasons why the Mavericks were able to get him could have been due to him not fitting in with the Sacramento Kings' offensive game plan. That plays to the Mavericks' advantage because they have been looking for a true center for quite some time.

At the age of 29, Holmes is entering the downside of his career as he is entering his thirties. When a center enters his thirties, a lot of teams look at younger options before looking at veterans. Let's take a look at the four reasons why Richaun Holmes is not a long-term option for the Mavericks.

Dallas Mavericks, Dereck Lively II
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4. Dereck Lively II is possibly the future center of the Mavericks

There is a reason why the Mavericks drafted Dereck Lively II with the 12th pick in the NBA Draft this past year. When you are 7-foot-1 and have comparisons to former Mavs center Tyson Chandler, you will get Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban's attention.

At the age of 19, Lively is going to need some time developing down in Frisco with the Texas Legends this season. It would be beneficial for him to play in Frisco to get minutes instead of sitting on the bench for the Mavs. With Holmes more than likely here for the next two seasons, he would be the perfect player to play center while Lively II develops.