5 Reasons the Mavericks must stay away from drafting Bronny James

Bronny James
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3. Mavericks would likely have to trade up

With having the 58th pick and final pick in the second round, some might not think James would fall that low. Being the last pick in the NBA draft may be gut-wrenching for James. The Lakers hold the 55th overall pick where some might expect James to play with his father in Los Angeles, although LeBron says it's "not a priority." Some expect James to play with his son at some point before he retires and this is the best time to ever do it.

With the Lakers ahead three spots of the Mavs, some would expect the Lakers to make the selection for James. That means Dallas would have to trade up if they really wanted him.

Where would Dallas have to trade up to in order to make sure James is available? It might be unsure of how many spots up. It could be possible another team might want to make James with their second-round selection.

It also might be worth giving up a second-round pick or two to trade up to draft James if teams believe in his potential. Saving draft picks to not trade up for James would help benefit Dallas if there is another player the Mavs feel could help them more than James.

Dallas can also avoid falling into the trap of the hype around James and take the player that fits the team more than James would. If Dallas wants to trade up and select James, they must like James more than the other players on the board.