10 Reasons Luka Doncic was wrongfully robbed of the 2024 NBA MVP

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic
Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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2. Toned down complaining to refs throughout the season

Ever since he stepped into a Dallas Mavericks uniform, it’s been readily apparent that Luka Doncic isn’t the most easy going when it comes to dealing with the officiating of NBA referees. Doncic has routinely argued no-calls and calls going against him throughout the course of his career, and it hasn’t led to the best track record with officials.

It’s without doubt that Doncic has a viable case in terms of being correct a lot of the time when arguing with officials, as Doncic’s play-style naturally warrants that he’ll draw plenty of fouls from opposing players. However, this can’t excuse that Doncic complains to officials as often as he has in the past, as it disrupts the flow of the game oftentimes and consistently leads to Doncic being slow to get back on defense.

Doncic has taken steps in the right direction though, and it’s been evident as of late. Doncic stood pat on 13 technical fouls for more than a month to close the regular season, as it seems like Doncic has matured in the sense of understanding how his complaining to referees adversely affects the Mavericks on the court. While Doncic was still complaining too often to officials early on in the season, his improvement toward being more even-keeled with officials was one of many improvements that he made in an MVP-caliber season