10 Reasons Luka Doncic was wrongfully robbed of the 2024 NBA MVP

Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic
Dallas Mavericks, Luka Doncic / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages
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7. Blended seamlessly with co-star Kyrie Irving despite doubters

The Dallas Mavericks offense has long revolved around Luka Doncic as the sole initiator of most offensive actions for the past few seasons, but with the Mavericks adding Kyrie Irving at last season's trade deadline, the move begged the question from many basketball talking heads and analysts of whether or not two ball dominant superstars could play with one another.

Many analysts also critiqued Irving for some of the issues that he dealt with off the court and synopsized that Irving would bring bad vibes to the Mavericks locker room. However, Irving has been a consummate professional both on and off the court ever since he's arrived in Dallas, completely negating those narratives. Doncic has done a phenomenal job of dispelling these narratives as well, as he's formed a strong bond with Irving off the court and has found even more chemistry with Irving on the court.

Doncic and Irving have been involved in far more direct offensive actions with each other this year, and both of them have a great sense of when the other player has a chance to exploit a mismatch and one of them may need to differ. Many thought that the heliocentric style of the Mavericks offense led by Doncic would cause chaos with Irving's insertion, but it has only proved to pay extreme dividends for the Mavericks because of how willing and adaptable Doncic and Irving are toward making their pairing work offensively.

Doncic has completely squashed narratives that he can't play with another star player or that he's selfish and can't take accountability, which should have weighed heavier for some voters who critiqued him for that very same narrative before the season started.