4 reasons why Luka Doncic is key to Mavericks' title contention hopes in 2024

Orlando Magic v Dallas Mavericks
Orlando Magic v Dallas Mavericks / Tom Pennington/GettyImages
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1. Luka Doncic's ability to be a floor general

One of Doncic's most underrated traits that is vital to winning a championship next season is his ability to be a floor general on the court.

His vision to find open teammates down the court cannot be taught. His offensive feel for a game is something amazing to watch, as he always seems to know where his teammates will be and leads the offense beautifully.

Although Luka's game is a bit slow, he is a great passer when he pushes the ball in transition. It also helps that Doncic has another player on his team that can take over floor general duties when he's on the bench in Kyrie Irving. Both players are as skilled with the ball in their hands as they come.

In conclusion, these are the four reasons why Luka Doncic is vital to the Mavericks' chances at winning a title this season. His ability to score, be an elite facilitator, take over games, and be a floor general are huge reasons the Mavericks have a great chance to contend in the Western Conference.

The Mavericks need Luka to play the best basketball of his career if they want to make their first NBA Finals since 2011.

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