4 reasons why Luka Doncic is key to Mavericks' title contention hopes in 2024

Orlando Magic v Dallas Mavericks
Orlando Magic v Dallas Mavericks / Tom Pennington/GettyImages
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2. Luka Doncic's ability to take over a game singlehanddely

Another reason why Luka Doncic is key to the Mavericks' title contention is due to his ability to take over a game in an instant.

The game that reminds me most of this reason was when they forced overtime against the New York Knicks last season. His ability to get his team to rally with the amount of time they had left shows that the Mavericks are never out of a game until the final whistle.

I don’t know if anyone else on the Mavericks roster could pull this off other than Doncic.

Kyrie Irving is obviously an exceptional player, but I don’t know if he could rally the team back into a game like Doncic did last season by himself. If Doncic were to get hurt and be out for the season, the Mavericks would have to find another way to dominate in games this upcoming season.

I don't see him getting hurt with all the conditioning that he did over the summer and his improved physique, but they need to be prepared for it just in case.

They will need this ability in the playoffs, especially in a close game that could come down to the final five minutes. Knowing how tough the Western Conference is during playoff time, Doncic being able to take over a game could be the difference between winning a title or being eliminated.