4 reasons why Luka Doncic is key to Mavericks' title contention hopes in 2024

Orlando Magic v Dallas Mavericks
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3. Luka Doncic's scoring prowess

One of Luka Doncic's other abilities that makes him a massive factor for the Mavericks' title hopes is his shot-making ability. His ability to just pull up and swish a 3-pointer from anywhere behind the arc is just unreal.

I’m sure fans remember all the 3-pointers that he made last season from way beyond the arc. The Mavericks are going to need that again this season if they want a shot at winning an NBA title.

There's probably no one on the Mavericks' roster who can hit as difficult shots as Doncic does. His release is super smooth and can create huge separation with a step-back shot. Every time I see him do that quick step-back, I know it will more than likely go in the hoop. He just has that look in his eye.

Doncic scores in bunches, and when he gets hot he's almost impossible to stop.

The Mavericks could find themselves in trouble if he struggles as a shooter.

Doncic only shot 34 percent from downtown last season, but a big reason that his percentage is so low is because of how difficult of shots he takes.

Sometimes Doncic gets flustered on the court, and that causes him to force some really bad shots, ultimately hurting the team. He obviously makes a ton of difficult step-backs that no one else in the league can make but him, and hopefully, as his game matures, he doesn't settle as much.