3 reasons Kyrie Irving will be the ultimate teammate in Dallas this season

Dallas Mavericks Media Day
Dallas Mavericks Media Day / Sam Hodde/GettyImages
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1. Ability to recruit

Once upon a time, the Dallas Mavericks were involved in LeBron James rumors right before the offseason started this year. This was obviously sparked by Irving's presence in Dallas, and the idea of a potential reunion for James and Irving together.

Dallas potentially hasn't had the wherewithal to be involved with some of the top names on the open market amidst the last few offseasons due partially to them having lacked a U.S.-based superstar.

Irving alleviates that stress by coming to Dallas, and the relationships he and Nico Harrison can provide to Dallas when acquiring new players is already starting to be something that Dallas is reaping the rewards of.

Irving was influential in bringing one of his former teammates, Grant Williams, back to Dallas, and spoke about it during his media availability last week.

"Grant was one of those guys that I mentioned. He was looking for a bigger role somewhere else and I can't knock a guy for wanting to try more and be more in this league so coming here and getting the deal that he did, I was proud of him but also, I knew that the work was still ahead of us."

Kyrie Irving

Irving also looks to continue to using his relationships to help the Mavericks as he continues to establish himself here.

"I'm happy about the moves. They asked me what I thought throughout the summertime. Even in our closing meetings, they just asked me questions, trying to gauge who I wanted to play with and who I saw on the market. Who in this next free agency class and the next couple of free agency classes will be available? Pretty interesting. "

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie seemed elated to have an organization that was willing to consult with him and his expertise in regard to the roster they are building around Irving and Doncic, and we can only hope it continues to bolster the Mavericks in the coming trade deadlines, drafts, and free agency periods.

We'll have you covered with updates on Irving and the rest of the team as they look ahead to their first preseason game this coming Thursday against the Minnesota Timberwolves in Abu Dhabi.