3 reasons Kyrie Irving will be the ultimate teammate in Dallas this season

Dallas Mavericks Media Day
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2. Ability to mentor and keep the team locked in

Kyrie Irving is one of only a few Mavericks who have championship experience, and his ability to mentor both young players and veterans alike will be a truly invaluable asset this next season for Dallas.

Younger players on Dallas' roster such as Jaden Hardy have already talked about the tidbits they've been able to pick up from Irving from an on-the-court perspective, but the off-the-court mentorship Irving can bring to Dallas' younger players may honestly pay the most dividends in the long run.

Irving has a well-documented history of being a steward in the community and is very active with social issues. He's a great resource for younger players on the team who could potentially be more susceptible to silly mistakes off the court. Irving's championship experience will bode well for the team in general, as no one outside of Irving and Markieff Morris have championship experience in Dallas.

Irving will take the time to mentor younger players as needed and understands that building a contending team doesn't happen overnight. Irving along with other veteran leaders on the team will make sure every player is locked in mentally ahead of a rigorous 82-game season and playoffs.

Irving talked about how Doncic and he can translate that process to the hardwood during his media availability last Thursday.

"I was looking towards the future while also being aware that it takes time to build a great team, takes time to build chemistry, and with Luka and me, we're so skilled he makes the game easy for everyone around him. I think we got a lot of open shots last year because of how much attention he garnered. I was coming in trying to alleviate some of that pressure."

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