3 reasons the Dallas Mavericks shouldn't bring back Kyrie Irving

Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving
Dallas Mavericks, Kyrie Irving / Ron Jenkins/GettyImages
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3. The potential headache

Through the years, Kyrie Irving has earned somewhat of a bad reputation. From wanting to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers, to promising the Boston Celtics, to everything that went down with the Brooklyn Nets, Irving hasn’t exactly earned gleaming recommendations from his past teams.

On the court, he’s one of the best players to ever lace up a pair of sneakers. Off the court, he’s made some very questionable decisions, to say the least.

Last season, the Nets suspended Irving for his failure to condemn the antisemitic work he shared on his Instagram account. Kyrie rejoined the team after eight games and apologized.

However, once he was traded to the Mavericks, he deleted the apology post he made when he came back from his suspension.

The decision showed Irving’s complete lack of remorse for his actions, and it proves that no matter the consequences, he will continue doing whatever he believes to be the right thing.

No matter what team he is on, Irving will make decisions for himself, and that could get in the way of the Mavericks’ ultimate goal of winning a championship.

When he’s on the court, he’s a team player who will elevate the Dallas Mavericks, but the baggage he brings off the court completely outweighs that value.