3 reasons why Mavericks guard Josh Green will become an All-Star

The 22-year-old Australian guard has gotten better every season he's been in the league so far. Is All-Star status that far-fetched?

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1. Josh Green has the hard part down

Green is already so good at a bunch of different aspects of basketball that are criminally underrated.

In a season where one-dimensionality on offense from the wing position plagued the Mavericks, he was excellent as a cutter, offensive and defensive rebounder (due to his hustle), and passer out of the short roll.

Green will certainly be tested much more by defenses on close-outs next year.

But if he maintains his current level of shooting at increased volume next year, he is going to be a very troubling player for opponents to game-plan for, even if he doesn't expand upon his current offensive repertoire.

It's well documented how stellar of an athlete Josh Green is.

With a 6-foot-10 wingspan and 40-inch running vertical leap, his athleticism is prolific enough to enable him to become the true versatile 3-and-D guard/wing that the Mavericks have been lacking.

Green is already such a menace on defense, as he competes 94 feet and seemingly never runs out of stamina given his workload. He routinely guards the opposing team's best player unless it's a big, but with the addition of Grant Williams and Derrick Jones Jr., he can focus on guarding smaller wings and guards.

Green idealistically fits into a Marcus Smart/Lu Dort type role on defense.

Pestering the opposing team's best guard, picking apart switches, and flying in for steals as a help or off-ball defender will need to be much larger points of continuity compared to Green's preemptive overreactions or silly fouls we saw every so often last year.

Green is poised to at least fine-tune certain intricacies of his game on both offense and defense throughout his NBA career, granted good health. But given the things he already does so well in tandem with his measurements, any fourth-year leap that is comparable to how drastic Green's third-year leap was would certainly thrust him into a fringe All-Star tier.

Given how exclusive All-Star spots are in the Western Conference, only time will tell if Green will join Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving as the third All-Star on the Mavs' roster at some point in time.