3 reasons Grant Williams is the Mavericks' X factor this season

Real Madrid Vs Dallas Mavericks - Exhibition Match
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1. Cultural impact

One final reason Williams will be the Mavs' X factor is his influence off-court. When he first arrived in Dallas, Williams mentioned how he reached out to Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. Williams said he wanted to understand the mentality and culture in Dallas. He explained how Irving messaged him and detailed the various opportunities for him.

Luka spoke highly of Williams, stating he was a great leader who sometimes talked too much. His joyful personality could be the type of encouragement Dallas needs.

Another thing that stands out about Williams is his tough personality.

He is the one guy who isn't afraid to get into the other team's face and be a menace. He played a pivotal role in trying to get in Jimmy Butler's head during the playoffs.

Dallas was sometimes labeled soft in the past. They seemed to lack that tough guy who could wild up the team. Some past championship teams had that one player who would push back. For example, the Golden State Warriors have Draymond Green, and the Los Angeles Lakers had Ron Artest.

This is the exact type of presence Williams can bring. It's not hard to imagine him being a bodyguard for Luka.

Williams' leadership and toughness could make an immediate impact on the team. There is plenty of excitement for the team's new addition. Why couldn't he become the team's X-factor this season?

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