3 reasons Giannis Antetokounmpo would consider coming to Dallas if he left Milwaukee

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1. Giannis Antetokounmpo’s contract could expire in the 2025 offseason, which would allow Dallas to acquire him in free agency rather than a trade

The NBA’s national television deal expires at the conclusion of the 2024-25 season, as could Giannis Antetokounmpo’s contract.

Antetokounmpo currently has a player option for the 2025-26 season, but if he elects to stay in Milwaukee for the next two years and leaves via free agency instead of a trade, then he may be in store for an unprecedented amount of money with the salary cap poised to rise to obscene figures if a new television deal comes into fruition.

Dallas doesn't have all the leverage of course, as Milwaukee will be able to offer the most money possible since they are the incumbent team and hold Antetokounmpo's bird rights, but Dallas would be next on the totem pole in terms of most money available to offer if they can clear the cap space.

The aforementioned lack of a state income tax would be the reason for this, so theoretically the Spurs, Rockets, Magic, and Heat could all offer the same amount of money on a full four-year max for Antetokounmpo.

The landscape of the NBA even one month into the future is wildly unpredictable, much less nearly two years from now. Despite all of these other teams posing as unlikely suitors for Antetokounmpo in the current day, they could very well thrust themselves into contention for him if things go well for them over the next two years.

Dallas would appear to be one of the teams that can offer Antetokounmpo the most money barring Milwaukee, but this is granted if he opts out of his player option in 2025, and that's not a guarantee by any means. Giannis also seems to really like Jason Kidd, and that could help lure him to Dallas too.

Who knows what Antetokounmpo will do within the next few seasons. By no means has it even been rumored that Dallas would be a potential suitor if he were to leave, but if it is applicable to attain him then the Mavericks must do so at nearly any cost.

The Mavs can't make the same mistake of placing too much stock in Antetokounmpo joining them though, as they did in 2021. Nonetheless, maybe the Giannis to Dallas pipe dream isn't quite over just yet.

We'll have you covered with all the latest news and rumors surrounding the Dallas Mavericks for the rest of this offseason and training camp, so stay tuned.