3 Reasons why Mavericks fans will love Seth Curry

Seth Curry is no stranger to the Dallas Mavericks. Could a third reunion be the key to a winning formula?

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1. Off the Court Presence

Another thing fans will love about Curry is his presence off the court. Since he arrived in the NBA, he has been a big advocate for promoting youth camps. Last season, he partnered with a Giveback Program that allowed young athletes to play and learn from him.

He has hosted camps around the United States. In 2016, he hosted a camp in Ventura, California. A year later (2017), he hosted a youth camp in Frisco, Texas. He has also hosted youth camps in his hometown in North Carolina. His main goal in all this is to give back to the community.

In 2020, he joined the Mavs Foundation to help dedicate a new reading and learning center. It was through the Seth Curry Foundation that he was able to donate technology to the program.

His family roots are an aspect of his persona. His mom, Sonya Curry, is a principal at a local school in North School. She instilled values into her children growing up.

Curry's past connections should speak volumes to Mavs' fans. If there is one thing they know, it's his willingness to lend a helping hand in the community.

There are plenty of reasons for fans to enjoy the return of Curry. His three-point skillset is something that can't be mastered. His bench production is another factor. How about his connection to the community?

All of these reasons for Mavs fans to rejoice. Seth Curry is back.

We'll have you covered with all of the news and rumors surrounding the Mavs this summer, so stay tuned.