3 reasons Mavericks rookie Dereck Lively II will be a fan favorite

2023 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot
2023 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot / Jamie Squire/GettyImages
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2. Resemblance of a Mavericks legend

Dereck Lively II stands at a height of 7-foot-1 and weighs 230 pounds. This is just one of the many similarities to a Mavericks legend that you just can't look past.

Even before the selection of Lively II on draft night, he drew many comparisons to former Mav Tyson Chandler. Chandler and Lively II have eerie similar frames and indistinguishable play styles. Both love to block shots and be on the receiving end of lob passes.

Having a center that could potentially play as well as Chandler did during the 2011 Playoffs would instantly vault the Mavericks into contention in the Western Conference. To expect this out of Lively II on day one would be a bit too far, but it's not out of the ordinary to expect this in year three or four during his career.

Similarly, both Chandler and Lively II will have had amazing guards passing them the ball. During Chandler's miraculous run, Jason Kidd was the starting point guard of the Mavs, and his connection with Chandler would be a massive factor in the Mavs winning the 2011 NBA Finals.

Luka Doncic will act as a similar example to the Kidd and Chandler model for Lively II. Doncic does much more than Kidd could do at that time, but having a guard who will be able to dictate the flow of the offense will be bread and butter for Lively II. As long as Lively II can develop and become a consistent role player during his rookie season, we could see the Chandler resemblance become a reality.

Chandler will act as a mentor for Lively II. The two have already had offseason work together, and it looks as if they will continue to create a strong relationship. Having Chandler behind Lively II will help develop the young center into a potential star for years to come.