3 reasons why Dante Exum will be part of the Mavericks' nightly rotation

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1. Athletic Offensive Plays

The biggest improvement Exum made overseas was on offense. In the NBA, Exum never found his footing on offense, shooting below average from the floor and never looking overly assertive with the ball in his hands.

In the past few seasons, Exum finally settled in on offense. His improvement came in three parts. First, he looked like an above-average shooter from all areas of the floor. Second, he looked more decisive with the ball in his hands, especially in the half-court. And third, Exum provided athletic plays in transition.

Partially due to his defense, Exum frequently made plays in the open court. He often intercepted passes and went coast-to-coast. As soon as the ball touched Exum's hands, he looked to score or make plays for others in transition.

Rather than finishing with lay-ups, the 6-foot-6 Exum consistently rose up and dunked whenever he neared the rim.

The Mavericks were bottom-5 in both pace and dunks a season ago. With a revitalized roster, including Exum, look for Dallas to push the ball in transition and finish at the rim with authority on a regular basis.

In the half court, Exum excelled at using the pick-and-roll to get to the rim. Whether using a blow-by dribble or remaining patient, Exum showcased the ability to get past his defender and finish ferociously at the rim.

In the clip below, Exum consistently uses his burst to blow by defenders in the half-court and in the open court to score at the rim.