10 Reasons the Dallas Mavericks aced the Klay Thompson sign-and-trade

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4. Klay Thompson has championship pedigree

When Klay Thompson was a member of the Warriors, he was a key member on the roster that contributed to winning. The Mavs needed a player that would bring championship pedigree to the roster. and they were able to do so by signing Thompson.

Other than Kyrie Irving and Markieff Morris, no other Maverick on the roster has won a championship before in their NBA career. With Thompson on board, he will bring his championship pedigree and toughness to this Mavs team.

Thompson was part of six Western Conference Championship teams and four NBA Championships when he was a member of the Warriors. Thompson is a clear winner and wants the ability to win again with the Mavs.

Coming off a Finals loss last season, the Mavs will be hungry and motivated to prove to everyone wrong that last season wasn't a fluke. Thompson can bring his pedigree to the Mavs young roster and show them just how difficult it can be to win a championship. Having another superstar who knows what it takes with Irving is an additional boost to the Mavs roster.

Finding superstars who have the championship pedigree to add to a roster like Thompson isn't easy to find. General Manager Nico Harrison found an elite superstar who can do that. The Mavs will need Thompson's pedigree if they want to win championships for years to come.