10 Reasons the Dallas Mavericks aced the Klay Thompson sign-and-trade

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8. Klay Thompson is an upgrade over Tim Hardaway Jr.

It goes without saying that Tim Hardaway Jr.'s tenure in Dallas ended very bad, and the Mavs were looking to add a player over Hardaway Jr. Even with rumors of trade talks surrounding Hardaway Jr. before, the Mavs were unable to trade him until last week. The Mavs were able to get Klay Thompson in a huge upgrade. Last season, Hardaway Jr. averaged the third most points on the Mavs with 14.4, and Thompson averaged 17.9. Right there, the Mavs were able to get an upgrade in scoring with Thompson over Hardaway Jr. for next season.

Hardaway Jr. was a player who can play shooting guard and some small forward. Thompson has the ability to play both positions which helps out big.

During the 2024 Playoffs, Hardaway Jr. became a huge liability that the Mavs couldn't have on their roster anymore. Now yes, Thompson scored no points in the Warriors' 2024 Play-In game against the Kings which goes down in NBA infamy. Thompson's scoreless game against the Kings left his future in the Bay questionable. But, Thompson has had so much Playoff success with the Warriors than Hardaway Jr. ever had in Dallas that the Mavs will be ready to take on if they make the 2025 Playoffs. Obviously, expectations will be high with Thompson.

With Thompson now in Dallas and Hardaway Jr. gone, this is a major upgrade to help the Mavs win more.