10 Reasons the Dallas Mavericks aced the Klay Thompson sign-and-trade

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9. Losing Josh Green won't hurt as much after Quentin Grimes trade

Prior to acquiring Klay Thompson, the Mavs made a trade with the Detroit Pistons which sent Tim Hardaway Jr. and three second-round draft picks in exchange for Quentin Grimes. Now the team has traded Josh Green, but it helped them make the roster better.

The fact the Mavs were able to make a trade for another guard like Grimes doesn't make trading away Green look worse. One key thing is the Mavs were able to replace Green with someone who is already an elite defender. With already trading three away to the Pistons in the Grimes trade, the Mavs got away with just using two for Klay Thompson. So instead of losing three draft picks, the Mavs lost two for Thompson.

Grimes has had one season averaging over 10 points per game, unlike Green. With Dallas being able to make a trade for another guard prior to trading Green shows they knew what player was ready to fill Green's spot on the roster.

Grimes is also another consistent 3-point shooter to go along with Thompson. With Thompson coming to Dallas along with Grimes, the Mavs now have two shooting guards who can shoot the three at an elite level.

Had the Mavs not made a worthy trade for another guard to replace Green, the Grimes trade would've looked worse for the Mavs. Now that they have their guard to fill in for Green, this will help them for next season.