10 Reasons the Dallas Mavericks aced the Klay Thompson sign-and-trade

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1. Dallas has a impressive big three now

The Dallas Mavericks are clearly led by their superstar player Luka Docnic. When Kyrie Irving was traded to the Mavs in February 2023, it formed an outstanding duo, and the Irving trade looks better every day. Now a big three is formed with Klay Thompson signing in Dallas, and it's impressive.

The Mavs have three superstar players that can strike fear in the hearts of the opponents every time they step onto the court. Thompson also has solidified Dallas as arguably the best big three in all of the NBA.

Since the Doncic era started in 2018, Dallas has never been able to have three players on its roster to be considered a big three, until now. These three players are ready to take over the NBA and start winning championships.

The Mavs aren't repeating 2011 when they didn't add a superstar player to their roster coming off a championship win and changing the roster completely. They did lose Derrick Jones Jr. to the LA Clippers, but they replaced him with Naji Marshall.

Coming off a championship loss in 2024, the Mavs looked to find a third player to form a big three and they certainly did.

The excitement surrounding the Mavs for the 2024-25 season just got bigger with the team adding Thompson to an already talented team. Thompson adds many traits to Dallas to make them a better team. With a new superstar in Dallas, the town will be buzzing to start the new season.

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