Dallas Mavericks reaction to the passing of Hall of Famer Bill Russell

Dallas Mavericks, Bill Russell
Dallas Mavericks, Bill Russell / Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Mavericks and the NBA world was devastated on Sunday by the passing of Bill Russell. The Hall of Fame was a legend among legends. Russell won five MVP awards and 11 championships with the Celtics, and he was just named to the NBA 75, but the 6'10 big man was so much more than that. He was pioneer and an innovator along with being one of the best to ever do it. Russell was also a kind man with a massive heart.

He played his entire career before the Mavericks even became a franchise, but the team still showed plenty of love for the all-time great after his passing on July 31. From owner Mark Cuban to head coach Jason Kidd to the team itself everyone shared something on the legend.

Here is a look at social media posts for the legend, and how MFFLs are sharing icon photos of Dirk Nowitzki and Russell from 2011.

Dallas Mavericks show love to Bill Russell on social media after his passing

The team sent out the following Tweet on Russell’s passing on July 31.

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Fans across social media have been sharing photos from the 2011 championship of Russell presenting Dirk Nowitzki with the Finals MVP trophy, and the duo posing afterward with the hardware. Dirk was always picking the brains of legends, and he is imparting that wisdom on the current Mavericks. The Tall Baller from the G certainly got some Mr. Russell.

Owner Mark Cuban offered his condolences on Sunday afternoon.

Mavericks CEO Cynt Marshall also offered some thoughts on the legend on the day of his passing.

Head coach Jason Kidd sent out a message about Russell’s passing too.

Coach Kidd said it best. RIP to the legendary Bill Russell. There will never be another quite like him, and thoughts go out to everyone who knew and loved him.

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