Ranking the Dallas Mavericks' top 5 reported trade targets by potential fit

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1. Jerami Grant

Dallas is doing anything they can to upgrade at the power forward position and they aren't stopping the phone calls at Pascal Siakam. Shams Charanaia reported just last week that Dallas has also registered interest in Blazers forward Jerami Grant.

Grant is averaging 21.1 points, 3.4 rebounds, and 2.4 assists per game for Portland this year while shooting 41.1 percent from outside.

Grant has been carrying the 10-28 Blazers alongside Anfernee Simons, so he's had to incur a far greater workload offensively than he would with a playoff team like Dallas. Grant would be the perfect multi-dimensional 3-and-D wing that Dallas wants in a vacuum.

Grant might be an even better defender than Siakam, but more importantly he's a far better shooter and nearly as dynamic in all other areas. Grant is an excellent cutter as well, and would benefit a lot by getting to work off-ball in Dallas with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving running the show. Grant could still provide some tertiary playmaking if he was shipped to the Mavs, but it's not his speciality. He has a profound one-on-one game and can score in the mid-range though, which isn't common in today's NBA.

The main issue with trading for Grant is the egregious five-year, $160 million contract that he's in the first year of, as Dallas would have to sling together a big package to match Grant's dollar figure in a trade. Dallas also likely doesn't have the best package in a trade for Siakam or Grant compared to other teams, so they can't deconstruct their entire roster just to fix one hole.

Grant may be a better on-court fit than Siakam, but there have been concerns over his willingness to play second-fiddle on a playoff team, so who knows if he'd even be happy with a trade to Dallas. Siakam would also be better for when one of Irving or Doncic is out as he would be far more effective as a secondary initiator compared to Grant, but overall, Dallas can't deny how good of a fit Grant is on the court and they'd be remiss to not try and see if Portland's asking price will come down before the deadline.

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