Ranking the Dallas Mavericks' top 5 reported trade targets by potential fit

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2. Pascal Siakam

Pascal Siakam has been one of the hottest names this NBA trade season and the Dallas Mavericks have arguably mentioned most heavily as a potential suitor for Siakam. This doesn't come without a lot of stipulations though, as acquiring Siakam won't be an easy task for a variety of reasons.

Nonetheless, some members of the Mavericks organization believe Pascal Siakam could be the missing piece toward the formation of a championship-level squad, so how would Siakam be utilized if he was traded to Dallas? Siakam would play the four on defense, as his mobility with a 7-foot-3 wingspan would be invaluable for Dallas in terms of guarding opposing teams' best wing players.

Siakam would be far less essential to the Mavericks' offense compared to Toronto's, so he could really hone in on defense with Dallas. Offensively, Siakam would be the secondary playmaker that Dallas needs in their starting lineup and more. Siakam is an extremely crafty finisher and is very adept at exploiting mismatches in one-on-one scenarios.

Siakam has drastically improved as a playmaker as well, as he's averaging nearly five assists per game this season. Between Siakam, Irving, and Doncic, Dallas would have an abundance of offensive creators in the lineup, but would be nearly devoid of any elite catch-and-shoot players in their starting lineup as well barring Irving.

Getting Siakam may make Dallas' contenders if they don't concede too many assets back to Toronto in a potential trade for him, which will be tough considering Raptors' executive Masai Ujiri's notorious steep demands. Siakam is nearly an ideal fit, but there's one player on our list who might even fit better in Dallas.