Ranking the Dallas Mavericks' top 5 reported trade targets by potential fit

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4. Isaiah Stewart

The Dallas Mavericks have desperately been seeking another big man in their lineup, and their answer for that issue could come from a Detroit Pistons team that is on the brink of one of the worst seasons in NBA history. Detroit has nothing to lose in parting with some of its assets for future draft capital, so perhaps Dallas could restart talks on a potential deal to bring back Isaiah Stewart in a trade.

Dallas reportedly had heavy interest in Stewart in the middle of December, but there hasn't been any update on the situation since. Stewart recently just returned from a toe injury that's kept him out since December 26, and is averaging 10.6 points and seven rebounds per game this season.

Stewart has extremely good size at 6-foot-8 and 250 pounds, and he's a coveted young asset because of his versatility on offense. Stewart is shooting a career-high 39.6 percent from beyond the arc this season, to go in tandem with an already established face-up and post-up game. Stewart is a stout force in terms of his interior man-to-man defense, but he's admittedly not the quickest at guarding on the perimeter.

Stewart would likely back up Lively II if he was traded to Dallas at center given the Mavericks glaring need for another capable big man, as Dallas would have two prospective big men both under the age of 23. Stewart is misplaced in a crowded Pistons frontcourt, and even though Detroit parted with Marvin Bagley III in a trade this weekend, they brought back another big in Mike Muscala in the same deal. Stewart is certainly more gettable for Dallas compared to the latter of the remaining names on our list, but he also wouldn't be nearly as game-changing.