Ranking every move of the Dallas Mavericks' offseason so far

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7. Re-signing Dwight Powell

The Mavericks re-signing Dwight Powell on a three-year, $12 million contract is a great value deal, regardless of the flack he is getting on social media.

Powell is a good backup big man, and what he brings to the Mavericks gets overlooked. He is a good rim roller and hustles endlessly.

Powell isn't a starting-caliber center though, and that's where this situation gets tricky. The Mavericks currently have four centers on their roster, but they are also in trade rumors for a new starting center.

Even though JaVale McGee will likely be traded or waived, what will the Mavs do with Richaun Holmes if he isn't in the trade for a new big? How would Dereck Lively II's role look with three centers in front of him?

Re-signing Powell was something that almost everyone expected, and the Mavs have him extended for three more seasons. Powell is the longest-tenured Mav by far, and it wouldn't shock me if he retires a Maverick one day.

He fits into the Mavericks' culture perfectly and is someone who is far more than a backup big. Powell constantly serves the community and cares just as much about his off-court presence as he does his on-court presence.

As almost everyone knows, Powell isn't a bad player by any means. He is just in a bad situation as he is forced to start when he should be coming off the bench.