Ranking the 5 most important Mavericks games of 2023-24 schedule

Now that the NBA has revealed its full schedule, let's take a look at the five most important nationally-televised Dallas Mavericks games
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3. Dallas Mavericks at Denver Nuggets, November 3

When Dallas travels to the Mile High City on November 3, history will be made. This matchup will be the first game for the Mavericks in the new In-Season Tournament, which will now be held annually.

As for Dallas, a matchup with the defending champs will surely bring out the best. The Nuggets lost a few key contributors from their championship squad, but every starter will be returning as Denver looks to repeat in 2024.

Nikola Jokic hasn't torched the Mavs as badly as some may think in recent seasons, but he still presents a strenuous matchup for the Dallas defense.

If Dereck Lively II cracks the rotation, he'll certainly get a shot to defend the two-time MVP. Lively II has the length and athleticism to guard any big man in the NBA, but the Joker is on a whole other level.

This early season bout between Dallas and Denver will help determine the Mavs' spot in the NBA Cup and ascertain whether the Mavs' defense can compete against one of the league's most prominent offenses.

The Mavericks went 2-2 against the Nuggets this past season. In a down year, going head-to-head with the eventual champions is a pretty good accomplishment.

Look for this to be a statement game. If the Mavericks can beat the Nuggets, those around the league better be weary for what's to come.